My project unfolds within the Sims game, navigating encrypted domestic spaces to depict my daily routine within cubic architectural environments. As I move through the simulated spaces, mirroring the flow of a typical COVID-affected online university day and occasionally not leaving the house, there's a continuous engagement with social media consumption. The social media content displayed consists of so-called 'thirst traps,' illustrating the normalization of sexualized nudity or the pervasive sense of nudity inundating one's feed daily.

This project involves the exploration of spatial concepts within Sims 3, where I immerse myself in the game, presenting my personal space in an imaginary and serial manner. It integrates social media into architectural environments through moving images within the computer game, highlighting the repetitions of one's/my own everyday routine and the serial nature of this 'trapped' concept within personal space. This experience involves constant consumption of social media, emphasising the absurdity of its content.

Within the simulated world of Sims 3, I meticulously portray every familiar step of my routine in an abstract manner. The day unfolds with a morning ritual of savoring a cup of coffee, contemplating a visit to the gym (though frequently opting out), engaging in studies or participating in Zoom meetings, preparing and having a solitary meal, unwinding with television, and ultimately concluding the day by going to bed. Throughout these sequences, the constant backdrop is the ever-present influence of social media and TikTok.