Amanda Pechero

"Toyed Resilience"

Section MS5, Lilly Markaki

Keywords: identity, memory, photography, feminism

"I got the brown teddybear the day I was born. It wasn’t meant for sleeping or playing with, just something to sit on a shelf to remind me that I was alive. The black dog laying on my heart was given to me by my parents when my grandmother died after a years-long battle with cancer."

Inspired by Ana Mendieta’s Imagen de Yagul (1973), Toyed Resilience offers a personal exploration of the artist's journey through a complex childhood. Childhood toys, arranged on the artist's body, serve as material witnesses and non-human narrators, challenging representations of resilience. Each toy speaks to a complex moment. A text accompanying the work reveals how these non-humans are tied to memory, becoming part of the artist's story. Beyond reflection on trauma, Toyed Resilience narrates the artist's journey of healing and self-discovery. Viewers engaging with this piece are invited to explore the dialogue between human and non-human elements, as well as the symbolic layers of each toy and the narratives it unfolds on and with the artist's body.