Ziqi Cao

"Boundary Performances"

Section MS10, Freya Spencer-Wood

Keywords: nature, landscape, performance, set design

How are we, as humans, critically engaged with the landscape and testing the boundary?

As a political landscape, the urban forest park’s boundary between the artificial and the natural is ambiguous. It is essential for us as human beings to experience our surroundings by exploring where boundary encounters start to occur.

Guided by Martin Heidegger‚Äôs exploration, the ‚Äúperformative boundary‚ÄĚ is the boundary between nature and humans that is not fixed but constantly changed, constructed, and altered through human actions, interactions, and perceptions. This project explores the ‚Äėperformative boundary‚Äô concept in Kensington Gardens, an urban forest park. It delves into the dynamic interaction between nature and humanity through boundaries shaped by conscious experiences within them.

The project showcases the manipulation of boundaries through a series of physical movements and arrangements of installations. Three interactive scenes (1. Utilisation 2.Encounter 3.Delineation) as mediums to explore the dynamic and fluid nature of the boundary.

Walk through to become a performer and flip through scenes to experience the evolving performative boundaries over time.