Alice Pitsili

"1,485 Miles Away"

Section MS19, Alison Bartlett

Keywords: colonial studies

1,485 Miles Away deals with the missing marble friezes of the Parthenon, extracted by Lord Elgin and seeks to reveal the collective unconscious of these stolen fragments. Taking the current condition of the ruins of the Parthenon in Athens and placing the missing marble artefacts as the protagonist of the analysis, the project focuses on the missing pieces extracted by Lord Elgin, as through research it is realised that it is the most vast and controversial extraction of marbles from the monument. The project deals with the present effects of colonialism and the pieces ā€œheld hostageā€ by museums such as the British Museum.

With a focus on untangling these hostages, re-learning these ā€œfinal cutsā€ as they are presented in the British Museum, and Acropolis Museum. These are the tracings, the damage, the clues of a hidden history which the project is giving agency to, through castings, to tell their story, to be the protagonist, rather than subjugated under the authority of certain cultural institutions. Through the exploration of casting as a medium, the project is intended to unfold the layers of historical changes the marbles have gone through, from their initial creation in 400 BC until today with a focus on the untold almost hidden changes of their physical appearance after they were moved to the United Kingdom.