Da Yu

"Water and Memory"

Section MS8, Tania Lopez Winkler

Keywords: memory

I want to mediate my personal experience with water. Last year I went to Iceland. On the last day, we went to the black beach, which was empty of people. I starting filming the waves. A few minutes later, big waves came violently towards me. Before I could react, I felt overwhelmed. My jacket was soaked with water and became really heavy. Big waves dragged me into the sea. My mouth is constantly filled with seawater. Fortunately, the second wave was smaller. I took off my heavy down jacket, quickly got up, and ran desperately to the beach. When I felt safe, I realised that everything was lost. Fortunately, I found my mobile phone half-buried in the sand. My place was only half an hour's drive from the black sand beach. After returning and arranging my belongings, I went back to the black beach and took these bottles of seawater that almost killed me. I just want to share this experience and my insights here. Water has two sides. It can give birth to new life or wipe away all traces of existence. Similarly, this experience is a terrible thing which I want to forget. At this moment the sea water in the container was as calm as if nothing had happened. But it is a trace of my horror experience and an evidence of my escape.