Media Studies is a school-wide course at the Royal College of Art School of Architecture in London. The roster for the course includes every incoming MA student within the School, including MA Architecture, MA Interior Design, MA Environmental Architecture, and MA City Design. We had 170 students this year.

David Burns leads the course. The tutors for 2019/20 were Ariel Caine, Kamil Dalkir, Ifor Duncan, Helene Kazan, Bahar Noorizadeh, Mirna Pedalo, Kelly Spanou, and Tania Lopez Winkler. Our bios are here. We were joined in October by guest lecturer Susan Schuppli. In previous years we have hosted guest lectures by Thomas Keenan, Cooking Sections, Sam Spurr and Eduardo Kairuz, Amelia Groom, Joel McKim, Todd McMillan, Kenzie Larsen, among many others.

2019/20 was the fourth iteration of the course. In the coming months we will begin adding projects from earlier cohorts to this website repository.

Nono Martínez Alonso developed the site.


Instagram: @rca.mediastudies

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