The project outlines the urgent need to question plastic waste that leads to environmental pollution issues which cause irreversible consequences. Since these toxic plastics are entering our food chain by the ways of food and water and going into our body finally.

The project aims to make the plastic issue visible, make people realise the exist of the plastic waste that has filled the city, the ocean and the landscape, as well as addressing the plastic waste issue in the ocean.

This can be achieved by using Typhoon as the media to mediate the plastic pollution in the ocean, to reveal how plastic waste from the ocean return back to the city from where it came. This will be realised in video form, which will document the typhoon as media. As video is the best media to record and explain this fascinating event, which could be more likely to be understood and memorised by the audiences rather than the just the texts and the photos on paper. It can remind people to rethink and to act.

Typhoon Mangkhut caused over 2.45 million people to be evacuated, the storm caused power failures in 13 locations, flooded the Seafood Street , and caused 248 tree falls, and at least 4 people were killed in the typhoon. After the typhoon large amount of plastic rubbish stay in the city. This is just like the ā€œgiftsā€ from nature. We clean up those rubbish, and rebuilt our city. And most of them will be abandoned in the nature, 1/3 will enter into the soil and water.

By the ways of documenting the whole process of this event, I want people to see the phenomenon of plastic issue from a specific perspective, which is funny and satirical, people might be feel funny in the beginning, since we throw the plastic waste into the city, and then they return to the city through hurricane, then we throw them into water again, the whole process will last and recurrent, at the same time, the volume of the plastic waste is increasing by the time, finally, they return to our city, and fill the interior spaces, and even all spaces, cabinet, containers, etc. However, people will start to rethink the plastic issue.