Hanwen Zhang

"Time Mapping"

Section MS4, Mirna Pedalo

Keywords: time, urbanism, mundane, moving image, photography

Time is what keeps everything from happening at once.1

To paraphrase the words above, everything does happen at once except our experience of time. While observing quick shifts and abrupt changes of London weather through my bedroom window, I was drawn to the mutable and dynamic English skies over the course of an entire day. It made me question whether our surroundings have an effect on how we experience the time? What happens to our perception of reality, of an event, and of the self when we are able to experience time simultaneously?

To record and mediate this experience, I used my mobile phone. I chose this device as a point of mediation due to its ubiquity, as well as its ability to both store our experiences and make them easily accessible. By using a specific editing technique of slicing and combining photography and video, I aimed to create an encompassing experience of time and space. Each slice is set up according to different parameters, and thus given a different width, and the footage moves at a different speed, in order to draw attention to that particular moment in space and time. The footage spans the duration of an entire day, and it seeks to respond to fluctuating weather, traffic and people on the streets.

  1. Ray Cummings