Yara Nahas


Section MS3, Ariel Caine

Keywords: narrative, social media, photography, home

My project used the social media platform Instagram as way to comment and form a collective conversation around the revolution in Lebanon.

I posted pictures, with the purpose of creating something more. I wanted to create a dialogue, a story through my images. Every time I posted something I write a story that triggers the creativity and touches the memories of war, pain.. I created a build up in my posting that shows the evolution of things happening.

Using a different language between my posts and my tags, I aimed to create a complex storyline. A second essential aim was to use the characteristics of the Instagram platform to create a dialogue between my friends, family, and random Lebanese people from all over the world. I want to involve as many parties as possible.

Each post has its description as to where and when it happened. Creating a diary that all people involved will be posting all around and spreading my posts through their evolution. It becomes much more personal and it’s how I want to use my profile, to create something else. Each time I post I am creating a new chapter in the story.

This is an active and live page. Instagram is a network in which almost everyone is involved. What I learn through the development of my account will create movement in comments.