Jiangyu Pan

"The silent memorial"

Section MS2, Kelly Spanou

Keywords: model-making, collage, materials

On¬†December 8th,¬†1994, the small city of Karamay in¬†China's¬†northwest¬†Xinjiang¬†province was home to one of the worst¬†fire¬†disasters in the country's history. As a result more than 300 people who were at the "Friendship Theatre" (ŚŹčŤį䝶Ü) were killed -288 of whom were elementary to middle school students. It was the time when Chinese government implemented the new one-child¬†family planning policy and as a result, media were eager to erase all the traces of this catastrophic event. My project aims to criticise the way that media were manipulated by the government. I create a physical model of the entrance of the demolished "Friendship Theatre". At the background, I put newspapers of this era in order to mediate the way that media have silenced the event.