Raluca Maria Moldoveanu

"Tectonics of Subjectivity"

Section MS3, Ariel Caine

Keywords: model-making, materials, memory

The research and experimentation of my Media Studies piece is centred around explorations of the object as an extent of memory through uncovering the tectonics embedded in the object as a mean of mediating memory in the digital realm.

My interest lies in exploring evocative objects seen through the personal lenses of a specific one – the ‘lined fork’. Meals and the activity of coming together for eating is a vital element of my familial establishment, facilitating my attachment to this particular utensil. This is how, this piece of mass produced cutlery has been at the core of multiple conflicts with my cousin throughout my childhood. Nowadays, it lives as a memory evoking device of such events.

Along side conducting its usual functions, the fork suffers a metaphorical abstraction though embodying specific memories. Through the abstraction of the fork as a result of emotional connection, the function of the fork is questioned. Therefore, functionality is now merged with subjectivity of the object while the emotional value of the object is increased. Item is now individualised from other items that carry the same function through sentimental attribution.

The subjectivity of human experiences causes different associations of memories with the same object, differing from person to person, and such meaning of an object is a non-transferable entity.

The final piece embodies such concepts through highlighting specific physical qualities that occur during recollection of the events through the subject of the ‘fork’.

I have chosen to work with digital media and means of translating the physical into digital in an attempt to foresee future implication of memory archiving.