Ang Liu

"Sound of boredom"

Section MS8, Tania Lopez Winkler

Keywords: mundane, objects, materials

What am I mediating: Boredom? Boredom is everywhere. People are always playing with something which can easily find when they feel bored. They press, scratch, fold or destroy stuff they play with. I am always feeling bored. It is an important part of my life. For my media studies project, I am willing to capture boredom as a record of my daily life.

In doing so, I work with materials and objects that I relate with, when I am bored. For example, a candy wrap, filter wrap, can cap, and so on... I also want to recall the status of my boredom through sounds and action.

The audience will be part of my project, while they are playing these boring instruments, and therefore they could build a connection with me. I then record how they play, I observe how time flows between me and the audience.