My skytone diary is a photographic archive of days that will never happen again. I use my own embodied experience of light, to record and translate the sky into a series of prints that capture duration and change.

Duration and change are key concepts for my project. They represent an unstable situation but somehow form a regular pattern by themselves. For example, we use units like hours, minutes, and seconds to standardise time. In other words, the intangible translates to something tangible by the imposition of certain rules.

Sky is constantly changing. It is everywhere. No matter where we are, we can always have a unique image of our own sky through bare eyes. Because it never stop changing, every time when we look at the sky, the experience is one of a kind. So I find it really intriguing and I try to look for a certain way to record and convey these moments.

To do so, I concentrate on colour. I use four colours as a palette to represent a single moment of a day. The photos I took are simply private and personal, corresponding to the idea that I think the ‚Äúsky experience‚ÄĚ should be one of a kind. Finally the colours of a day develop an intricate rhythm; they form a particular image of me seeing the sky.