Haoran Qin

"Sea Level Rise"

Section MS6, Ifor Duncan

Keywords: installation, environment, objects, climate

Many people think that climate change is something that happens elsewhere and only affects others. But in many coastal communities in the United States, people are witnessing the rise in sea levels caused by climate change. By 2050, sea-level rise will push average coastal floods higher than land that is home to 300 million people. Without advanced coastal defence and planning, populations in these areas may face permanent flooding within 30 years.

As a student of interior design, how to connect my major with the climate change of sea level rise is my perspective. Floods caused by sea level rise have inundated a large amount of land and caused serious damage to human-inhabited areas, including a large number of houses. In flooded property all walls and furniture will rot, and the entire interior will be in chaos.

In such a scene, scattered and broken furniture and its impact on interior space caught my attention. Therefore, I have chosen to abstract use a home device to show the scene of the flood, to remind people of the harm of sea level rise on their lived experience. I chose a child's chair as the main body of the installation, which means that this chair represents our future, our next generation.

At the same time, I removed the place where the chair can sit. On the one hand, it showed the scene of incomplete furniture after the flood. It also means that when our next generation tries to sit on this chair, people will fall through it. If we don't pay attention fo the impact of environmental changes caused by rising sea levels, our next generation will face nowhere to go because we only have one earth.

Finally, I removed some of the chair legs. When the chair is on the ground, the chair would be tilted. This represents the scene when the chair is immersed in water, as if the chair is sinking. This also implies the consequences and harms of climate change brought about by sea level rise. I hope that this device will awaken people's attention to climate change as a rising sea level, and to continue to warn myself.