Tania Tovatt

"Protocol of Inaccessible Memories"

Section MS7, Helene Kazan

Keywords: memory, architecture, warfare

With this video, I aim to capture fragments from the first few years of my grandmother’s (otherwise not so well-documented) life. There are two timelines: now (grandmother Heidi’s voice and reflection of the things she can and can’t remember) and then (the few pictures I managed to find relating to Hitler’s T4 program). There are images throughout the video showing someone preparing a meal. This is a response to her reflections, and it represents the process of me trying to understand something that feels distant for everyone involved, including Heidi. Understandably, Heidi has no memories of where and how the atrocity of action T4 took place, and discovering the facts doesn’t seem so important to her. All we have is the strange story of the time Heidi spent in the hospital. Based on that, I must say what if?