Paige Stapleton

"Part X: Humane Detailing"

Section MS7, Helene Kazan

Keywords: technology, architecture, urbanism

With the speed at which technology is evolving, fuelled by an economy obsessed with efficiency and productivity, there is fear that the world is heading into an era in which machines will replace minds. My project imagines a utopia where robots rule every aspect of the construction industry. Every chance of human error has been eradicated resulting in a ‘perfect’ urban environment. But will this technological develop be reflected in the design and use of space? Sadly, no. Humans are imperfect beings and therefore need a naturally imperfect world. The spaces produced are faultless, clinical and too far removed from our natural habitat. My project argues that irregularities need to solidify themselves as a common facet of our everyday aesthetic and that imperfections are integral to creating a comfortable and connectable sense of place.

My project is set 40 years in the future mimicking the form of a building regulations document titled ‘Part X: Humane Detailing’. It cites that future developments need to host a variety of these defects to allow humans to connect with their surroundings. The photographs shown throughout the visual catalogue are taken during my daily commute and at my family home, to emphasise how common these irregularities and defects are part of our day to day lives.