In the late 19th century, Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov proposed the theory of "Conditioned Reflexes", which is an acquired neural memory activity. A conditioned reflex, is an automatic response to a stimulus that differs from that initially causing the response, but that has become associated with it by repetition. In other words, it is a result caused by the long-term effects of some specific conditions.

In recent years, bullying has become more serious and has attracted widespread attention. Actually, it can be seen as the result of conditioned reflexes. In many interviews, victims of bullying have described their experiences and have talked about the impact of it in their lives. Comparing it with physical injuries, psychological trauma is more serious for them. As a result, most victims become self-isolated and they fear to contact people, they even lose their self-awareness.

The mirror is an important medium to observe and know ourselves through someone else’s gaze. The process of taping the mirror is similar to an act of self-isolation and eventually it turns the mirror into a caution area which we fear to touch.