Ken (Tse Tung) Man

"In Between Time"

Section MS8, Tania Lopez Winkler

Keywords: body, photography, narrative

The body is man’s first and most natural instrument1

Everyday history is challenged, intervened and developed through bodies, things, and tools. Thus, the body is the point of exploration into the everyday. We use our body, as a device to mediate through our daily story, only to become history.

The everyday is a constructed narrative. Joseph - a fictional character - is conditioned through the use of his body which depends on imitation, repetition and support. The body marks his daily history. Water becomes a point of intervention to the everyday, to separate, to challenge the everyday and, consequently, to become a moment of contemplation. Through water we are able to purify the past, flow through the present, and be in the future. Water is a tool and our body is a site for change. In my media studies project, I explore this through photography and perspective.

  1. Marcel Mauss (1973)