When I began to notice the air pollution when I lived in Beijing, haze is the most serious air pollution in China at present. Haze is the dust in the air. It's very small and hard for us to see it with our eyes. In fact, the air is filled with a lot of dust and debris, which seriously affects the air quality and human health.

For China, serious air pollution seems to be a shame, but we can also turn it into a positive one, turning the dust into something that can be used. Air pollution does exist, but we can't see it, and I think people need to be warned of dangerous levels of invisible pollutants they inhale every day. So how to present it? I plan to collect the small dust that can't be seen by eyes in the air and make it into a valuable entity. The first thing I think about is to make it into bricks as a kind of architectural materials and use these bricks in the construction field, because these are related to my specialty. Turn the invisible dust into visible bricks, let people know that these insignificant dust in the air can be gathered into a hard brick, so as to wake up and call on human beings to fight against air pollution. At the same time, air pollution is stubborn, and it will take a long time to control it. Therefore, haze brick can be a good witness, recorder and participant of the war between human beings and air pollution. In addition, maybe there will be no haze in the future, and haze brick can also be regarded as a memorial of air pollution.

City and air pollution can be regarded as positive space and negative space respectively, which have mutual transformation relationship. We live in a dirty city, which produces dust, and the dust causes air pollution. When we collect the dust in the air and make it into bricks and cities, everything goes back to the beginning, which is a virtuous cycle.

I hope that by turning dust into bricks, a good cycle of positive and negative space transformation can be formed, which can help to reduce air pollution. At the same time, let people see these invisible threats, and also develop a new building material to find more possibility about the architecture field. Suppose that when haze pollution disappears, people will still remember what the earth is like polluted by haze, and will they miss it? So as a product of air pollution, haze bricks can also bear some commemorative functions in the future.