Lu Zhang

"Flaw and Flawlessness"

Section MS2, Kelly Spanou

Keywords: environment, materials

Flaw and Flawlessness is an attempt to raise ecological concerns around jade mining. The project develops through the collection of satellite imagery and maps. At the same time I observe a jade necklace, which I wear every day. Through the creation of a series of artefacts and drawings, my project mainly highlights the environmental damage caused by jade mining , combining jade pits and vegetation analysis with the jade texture and morphology. In doing so, it tells the story behind jade in three parts. Firstly through the collection and processing of satellite imagery of Hpakant's jade pit. Secondly , I gather the Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) from 2000 to 2020 and then I superimposed and compared the data. Finally, I collect audio data from the jade market. The collection of artefacts and drawings I make, serve as a mediation of the environmental violence taken place in jade mining sites.