Arina Kondrashova

"Fast Food Seduction"

Section MS3, Ariel Caine

Keywords: moving image, consumption

In 2016 I moved in to a new London area - Fitzrovia. Around my new place, advertisements promoting McDonald's caught my eyes. I began to order and eat. I never really used to eat a lot of junk food before. Furthermore, seeing the McDonald’s ads, having people around me with its logo on packaging made me want to buy it even more. So now I want to explore this unconscious addiction. How can this fast food seduction, which is often harmful physically and mentally, be understood? how this bond could be broken down?

My video is a meditation into the cycle, transitioning between a few minutes of pleasure, followed by regrets, rejection and self-perception. From the first moment of vision, captured in the brain which makes us want to buy the food, to the moment of consumption and subsequent regret.