Cristina Loya

"Evolved components"

Section MS2, Kelly Spanou

Keywords: objects, materials, narrative

In my media studies project Evolved components, I have tried to reimagine the narrative capacity of objects based on their material qualities. My aim with this, is to mediate how cultural meanings are attached to objects based on their material, forms, shapes. By altering their materiality, new meanings and interpretations may evolve.

To do so, I was experimenting with toilet paper, fabrics, plaster, glue and water. Once I blended these materials altogether, I wrapped the chosen objects, and I created a series of sculptures - new versions of the said objects- to question how interventions into their materials affect the way we relate to them and attributes to them new meanings.

The objects which I chose, are objects within my possession which have a particular meaning for me. By wrapping these objects with raw materials, I reflect on ways via which I establish my experiences within the world. The new shell of these objects gave me the opportunity to relate to them in new ways, by distorting their meaning but without losing their sense of belonging.