Tianyu Lin

"Dreams Mapping, Character and Subconscious"

Section MS4, Mirna Pedalo

Keywords: mapping, drawing, narrative

Dreams often manifest as reflections of our inner spirit. In an attempt to map these manifestations I would seek out to interpret inner aspects of myself, and mediate those facets of my personality deeply buried in my subconscious.

The collage depicts an interaction of 3 different ‘characters’ - aspects of myself - over the course of 24h. Each abstracted through a different coloured line, these ‘characters’ shift from conscious to subconscious. The orange represents cheerful, positive and outgoing facets of my personality that have dominated my adult life, and have masked the darker side of me represented by the grey line. The red line is a representation of my everyday self where I try to juggle and balance the two opposing forces within me. The lines sometimes overlap, sometimes diverge, and sometimes one takes precedence over the other two. Depicted in more detail, these intersections represent moments of contention where one aspect of personality dominates the other, or where shifts from conscious to subconscious happen, either gradually or abruptly. These 3 ‘characters’ go through the day contesting, and their moods shifting, only to all merge together at a night time.