Michelle Sin

"Dinner is ready"

Section MS7, Helene Kazan

Keywords: domestic space, moving image, technology

The weekly Saturday dinners at my Grandma’s had been interrupted by recent political unrest in Hong Kong. With giving this dinner back to the family as the main motive, the practice adopted in this project is established in relation to geopolitical differences and physical distance.

I looked at possible ways to conduct a recorded learning and cooking session with grandma through Skype. Carefully documenting the process of gathering and arranging information through WhatsApp messages and calls, challenges such as working only with second-hand information, indirect contact with family members and the technical difficulty to get grandma on the internet becomes integral to my project. It speaks of the somehow contributing positively to a community from the perspective of being absent. The interactions, conversations and discussions reignited by the act of putting together this cooking experience, give the project its value and relevance.