Daniel Nolan

"Contra-Digital Queerness: Through Cross Platform Mediation"

Section MS7, Helene Kazan

Keywords: queer methodologies, mixed media installation, photography

This project highlights increasing issues of censorship against and within the queer community, both on and offline. Through an abundance of ‚Äėcommunity guidelines‚Äô we are instructed in what is deemed acceptable or not, resulting in limitations on both artistic and self expression. Queer viewpoints are often skewed to adhere with heteronormative restrictions whilst online. Sexual expression (particularly containing nudity) is increasingly targeted, as this content being monitored and quietly removed. Arguably inducing feelings of shame to those being censored. What happens when this private and 'shameful' aspect of our lives mediates the public expression of pride and self love? These digital realms are both a barrier and a space of opportunity and exploration. This work sheds light on how the queer community is responding contradigitally to these boundaries of censorship and opens a discussion on how these methods and mediums can further enable freedoms of self expression for all.