Caroline Bang

"Between Fascination and Abhorrence"

Section MS7, Helene Kazan

Keywords: environment, architecture, installation, warfare

This project aims to highlight the conflicting feelings I and most of my generation have towards the German WW2 bunkers, left along the Danish coast, which produce feelings of both fascination and abhorrence.

As the second generation since WW2, the bunkers have always been part of the coastal landscape in Denmark. However, to my grandparents’ generation, the bunkers are a symbol and reminder of war and invasion.

As a way of highlighting these conflicting feelings, I made a camera obscure within one of the bunkers. I then printed one of the images in 1:1 on transparent silk, which I used to recreate the bunker as a camera obscura. My aim was to make a spatial intervention that shows the contrast between the appealing aesthetics of the bunker as part of the beautiful Danish coastal landscape, and the abhorrent history that is materialised through the architecture of the bunker.

The contrast between the soft printed silk and solid bunker walls create an enclosed space of contrasts, between the past and present, culture and nature and the pleasant and unpleasant. All the contrasts that make my generation ambivalent about the bunkers.