Francesca Frangiamore

"A catalogue of the contrary"

Section MS8, Tania Lopez Winkler

Keywords: objects, narrative, materials, writing

My project aims to understand the role of the materiality of an object and whether changing its materiality mediates a different meaning. It also explores how this change in materials turns a mass-produced product into an object which is un-mass producible. Through this change in materiality, the relationship between an object, its functionality and recognisability, becomes challenged and what we believe the object means is altered. The form of the object has been maintained but the material has rendered the object useless.

As noted above, certain materials have innate characteristics and connotations. Therefore, I investigate their contradictory materiality in order to mediate their different meanings. This will be presented meticulously and critically through the production of a catalogue. The images will sit alongside text describing research that has been undertaken in order to understand the specifics of why certain materials have been chosen. The aim is to critically engage and question the role of everyday objects and the ease by which their alteration affects their meanings. The artist no longer acts as a "creator" and is instead more of an "operator of meaning". It can also be argued that when the objects are viewed in a catalogue, in isolation and within a controlled environment which has been manipulated and refined, the potential negative implications of reading these connotations through materiality alone will be highlighted. The catalogue consists of images as well as prose similarly to a catalogue raisonné. Through the images I will examine the metaphysical relationship between objects and people.