When I was a child, I always played with my brother around packaging materials. We climbed up the cardboard and bubble wrap which had piled up like a mountain. At that time we enjoyed it. Maybe I was just a kid and didn't consider so many other factors. However, I always thought that it was an important memory that influenced me deeply.

When I am back at the factory, I feel a strong resonance, especially when I begin to learn how important it is for the environment. Recycling is a lasting and meaningful project. Because I touched the materials so early, they felt like they were in my blood.

Another memory that touched me is a fire which destroyed the whole area. I remember feeling upset because I thought everything would not come back again.

Sometimes I would like to think about how to define waste or rubbish. I believe the public should consider this. Most people lack consciousness and chance to know. So I think I should try to take a series of photos to show it.

Recycling is important for society, and education about recycling is useful and meaningful. For example, children in my area would visit the Ecopark in Japan. Compiling different materials, which would be recycled, is good for citizens to understand what is different from real trash. In my view, there is a circular recycling system in different materials.

The video is about people splitting the material named polystyrene into nurdles by hand, compared to recycling in the factory. In my view, it is amazing that the polystyrene would change to the form of plastic foam. And then the material will be sent to the next factory to make products such as electric fans. Nowadays more and more people care about the environment but there are a lot of people who never consider the meaning of recycling. This project focuses on revealing plastic recycling for the public.