Where do our decorative house plants coming from? The invisible journey of this industry starts from the rural farm, the regional distributor hanger, to the local flower shop and ends up in a high-rise urban apartment. This path generated and perfected as more people aspire to bring some greenery indoors to their tiny flat. The industry of these plants’ modifications and transmission place a question mark next to the term nature.

This project explores the relationship between nature and economy by retracing its origins, as well as my personal origin – I started at my grandfather’s farm. As for the first time, I realise what role my family played in this “unnatural” business.

Some people prune plants, restructure and modify the plant growth, making it an unnatural nature. The more the plant was reshaped the greater it was worth. Why is unnatural nature more valuable? It is endowed with human thinking, the essence of this matter is to “sell” wisdom. People mark the price of this wisdom as a cultural significance and show it through plants. My grandfather taught me his method that can turn plants into greater market value – known as grafting. This cross-generational knowledge, provide me the technique to create a new hyper-profit type of flora.