Fabio Claudio Cervi

"The sea is always playing"

Section MS3, Ariel Caine

Keywords: sound, architecture, moving image

My project ‘The sea is always playing’ is an audio-visual composition that explores the creative process as a compiling mechanism. The never-ending nature of the creative process accompanies every finished product with a vast archive of ideas, visuals, materials, and sounds.

This project revives this process, by first exploring a song written and recorded by myself in collaboration with another musician, entitled ‘Hotel Room’. I revisited the song’s recordings and created a new archive of selected sounds. These were further atomised, layered, distorted, and stretched, to be finally recomposed in a randomised sequence, creating a new composition with an undefined, unfolding form. This composition is visualised through an interactive landscape of everyday objects that behave and shift according to the new sequence of sounds.

This project is a fragment of an ongoing piece of reconstructed sounds and spaces. Like you, I have not seen or heard this piece, it was important to me that the idea of process was more important than that of a final product. While working on this project I envisaged a possibility for an installation which expanded on the concept of interactivity, spatiality, and the engagement between light and sound.