In 2019, the government forcibly demolished the red-brick buildings in the Caochangdi Art District in a remarkably short period of time, allegedly due to illegal renovation of buildings. It took less than a week from notifying those art institutions, galleries, and artists to move out of their rented spaces to the actual demolition.

This event caused a great sensation online at that time because those artists turned to the Internet to seek help from the public, hoping to stop the government's forced erasure of an entire district. However, when I searched this event online, I found that all of the direct records about it had been erased completely because of the negative impact. But, whether it's a demolished building or an erasure of data, as long as it actually existed, there will always be some remains of it.

The project compiles the physical and virtual remains I collected; online low-resolution footage, and on-site objects. Celebrating this poor quality of materials, as it is the only traces left of this wiped out community and culture.