Fei Sun

"The potential hidden behind the film"

Section MS7, Ibiye Camp

Keywords: photography, family

This project explores how traditional movies can survive in the age of digital and information dissemination through the substance of movies. From a chemical point of view, starting with the most basic difference between film and digital photography. Compare the past and the present by exploring movies of different time periods. It even creates a surreal feeling through the unique reaction of the movie. Form a sequence and connect with each other. To think about the history or story behind it.

We all know that film uses chemical reactions instead of semiconductors to capture images. After research, I found that the chemical layers of black and white film and color film are different. In color film, there are multiple layers of silver halide, dotted with dyes and color masks. The decomposition rate of the dye is faster than that of the silver halide, and the degradation rate of the multilayer film is also different. The color change may be subtle or extreme, depending on the period of use and storage conditions. Different emulsions may change in different ways, some of them will become blue, while others will become magenta or yellow, because different dyes have different ages. This means that the response will be more pronounced than black and white film.

The main effect of age on the film is to reduce sensitivity and contrast, increase graininess and discoloration. Age has a greater influence on expired movies, so I plan to try out expired and unexpired color films to feel crazy color changes and unexpected contrast effects. There may be various reactions, such as unevenness, spots, streaks and uneven particles. I think this may be the charm of chemical products. This is different from digital photography.

The potential hidden behind the film compares films that have expired in the past with new movies shot now. This is done through different film experiments. Feel the change and contrast of time through film. First, buy some expired films and fresh films, and shoot a subject, my father. Secondly, under the influence of photographer Pauline Washton 1, I soaked the film in alcohol. After the film dries, I can take it out and shoot together. Third, I can use double exposure or multiple exposure film photography to get some surreal feeling. Finally, create my sequence of works about my father. At the below, indicate some chemical reactions or influences on the film, as well as the information on my father's clothing. Make a page of static images. (Film year: 1993, 1996ļ¼Œ2009, 2005 and fresh film)

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