Zhanwang Zhang

"Standardized Eudaemonics"

Section MS9, Keren Kuenberg

Keywords: community, social media

In most Chinese parents’ eyes, there is a marriage urgency for their children in order to ensure their future with a suitable match. A unique phenomenon emerged spontaneously in the central parks, as those worried parents build a match-making open market.

Those parents will take their children’s resumes without permission, and hang them on display in these corners to seek matching partners for their children. They list all the information which they think of as competitive advantages in order to stand out from other counterparts.

When cutting out all these “conditions” from the CVs, I am wondering if I have demolished all the valuable and meaningful items from these “people”. What else is left? From the A4 paper, only a blank paper with striped holes. But, for a real human, is it true that what is left is more precious? For a real relationship, are these decent conditions necessary requirements? When I reconstruct some new A4 by the information I collected from these pasted resumes, can I make a “perfect” partner for/from them?