Aleksandra Dineva

"Ritual x Heal"

Section MS5, Bahar Noorizadeh

Keywords: performance, ritual

Ritual x Heal is here to release your stress This is the perfect gift for anyone really - very presentable.
Who wouldn’t want a relief for anxiety delivered to their doorstep?

Ritual x Heal is a para-fictional product with medicinal use targeting problems with mental health such as anxiety and fear. The project includes the entire branding of the fictional product and its website, purposefully leaving out any acknowledgement of the historical and cultural context of the ritual, which dates back to ancient Greece. The ritual is extracted, capitalised and marketed as a commodity in western societies.

Nowadays neurodivergent conditions are transformed into the market of “mental health”, led by big pharma propaganda in the late 20th century. The industry often invented drugs and disorders together, ie., anxiety disorder and the Xanax industry happen to gain popularity interconnectedly. Hand in hand, big pharma and capitalism make obnoxious profit largely due to advanced marketing strategies. The human element is taken away from the process of health and wellbeing and is replaced by packaged goods.

The box plays a large role in the project as it symbolises the materialistic and social-media oriented values of the market society. The contents of the box do not matter as capitalism judges a product by its box.