My work is based on the key word “compiling”. In my point of view, our media devices on our daily basis are all complex compiling producers. My project questions what our experience with this vast amount of virtual information would be if it were to become tangible. I am interested in the psychological impact of continuously being bombarded with junk and spam. I believe that this media is consuming our attention and cognitive labour constantly, something which is an ignored issue and which needs to be treated seriously.

Based on this thinking, I created a series of gif photographs. Because gif is a common tool on social media, I chose it as an interesting tool for critiquing virtual information. I have focused on junk messages which are extremely common in real life and arbitrarily occupying the memory of our phones and consuming our personal memory processing abilities.

I decided to express my this as a epidemic which reflects upon the situation of 2020: the covid-19 epidemic. They are both almost invisible physically whilst also being threatening to our health. In J Pandemic I created a character who could catch the junk virus and heal a dying phone, named the Junk-buster. I intend to convey the idea that a virtual epidemic is happening, and we don’t have a life-saving hero in our real world. Through my work, I hope people might pay more attention on the negative influence of virtual media, and think to protect their private information.