Yuerong Wang

"Invisible Boundary"

Section MS4, Mirna Pedalo

Keywords: borders/boundaries, domestic space, moving image

This project focuses on the issues of boundaries and social distancing, a phenomenon produced by the Covid-19 pandemic that has magnified and materialised the invisible boundary between people, even in intimate relationships. I document the dynamic change in interpersonal relationships induced by the pandemic and the change of geographic location.

During my studies in Shanghai, I had been away from my home for four years. During that time my close relationship with my parents underwent change. My parents tend to express their feelings of intimacy very implicitly, however, during the pandemic our relationship was, once again, transformed. We had to stay at home and avoid meeting others who werenā€™t a part of our ā€˜family bubbleā€™. Living together with my parents again gave me a chance to reestablish closeness and intimacy with them.

Rooted in my personal experience, this project demonstrates how the personal boundaries and the intimate relationships transform due to travel and change in location. At the beginning of the pandemic I was living in China, but then I moved to London, therefore my ā€˜family bubbleā€™ also changed. My project makes a comparison between my intimate relationships during my life in China and my life in London now. It shows a process of interactive change to further demonstrate the impact of these ā€˜invisible boundariesā€™ on my personal life. While the exploration of relationships between people is an eternal and universal topic, in my project this subject is addressed from a personal point of view.