Tereza Cerna

"Custom Space Game"

Section MS8, Gabriella Hirst

Keywords: architecture, language, design

Life around us has changed from the way we used to know it. In the last months, people began to spend much more time enclosed within a few walls and stopped seeing their friends and family, unable to participate in cultural and sport activities. My project and research focuses on this phenomenon in relation to a student dormitory building within the small town of Liberec where I am currently living, which is surrounded by mountains.

My process employed designing a set of spatial rules to be given to those living within the dormitory, a building wherein every room has an identical layout for every student. This building that used to be full of students gathering, and sharing their lives, now feels empty. A small room, that after a while becomes flat and uninteresting, offers many possibilities. The game which allows everyone to think a bit differently about the individual items in the room, even if only for a little while.

The game is very simple. Each player has to create a single object that has the same floor plan shape as that indicated in the picture, using everyday objects. By making an object out of ordinary items, the game allows the players to think outside of the box . However, due to the shape of the items and rules of this game we are restricted to how far we can go. As in everyday life when we are forced to abide by the rules and regulations of the government.