Guo Jiabao

"Building Unit 2.0"

Section MS5, Bahar Noorizadeh

Keywords: science fiction, urbanism

A real estate company launches a new Building Unit 2.0 in the future, which will change the original development plan of the entire city. In the prefabricated block, every house is sold as a modular unit in which all the household functions are embedded inside a smart surface and customized to the needs of the users. By storing their preferences as data on their mobile devices, users can take their "home" with them when they visit another city or stay in another home equipped with the smart system. This new mode of living can define living rooms for different types of people according to their needs, gender, lifestyle, culture and preferences. The tower in the center functions as the control room to transport the units of new residents. In this way the block will expand similar to a biological cell. Services such as banks, office buildings, restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores, and parks will be located inside the Building. Residents can carry out daily life in the whole building without leaving the perimeters. Vertical traffic replaces parallel traffic.