William Beckford, a renowned collector, well established English gentleman, promising furniture designer, aspiring architect and generally highly regarded intellectual. His fortune and family legacy built by scandal and slavery ties to owning a sugar plantation in Jamaica. The institution, The Bath National Trust run a museum housing some of the remaining collection, within his final resting place and self-built home, the Beckford Tower. The institution has recently gained funding by the national lottery to modernise the exhibition and talk about previously hidden and misunderstood stories about Beckford’s bisexuality, slave ownership and the towers construction.

This project explores the inner workings of an institution that is sustained by the legacy of a slave owner that used his fortune to establish himself within the elite part of British society. In response to the museums lack of an online collection, current inaccessibility and high entry fee that excludes people from disadvantaged backgrounds, a free virtual tour is created featuring a recreated collection accompanied by a compilation of interviews with the towers head curator to provide an insight into the past, present and future of the institution.