I think I am a backup version of myself when I hide behind the mask. If no one knows who I am, then I’m shielded. I wonder what parallel universe my backup lives in, what is the world like for my backup? and how does his feeling differ from mine? Where all my backups exist?

People wear masks and think of themselves as duplicates behind the mask or even just one backup. The sense of insecurity and social distance escalated during the past year and manifested in the masks. Uncertainty, insecurity, isolation, distance, masks, will we feel safer behind our daily cover?

Masks are an important means of survival for human beings to depend on social communities. It has the functions of disguise, anaesthesia, deception, and deterrence. The purpose is to enable oneself to obtain a more favourable living position and a safer and more comfortable living space in group life.

Making a mask every day is actually a way of showing that everyone hides without knowing it. Hence, presenting it in this way is also a reminder that I can put on a mask and go out. I can face the outside in my own safety. I wear different masks to show my daily fit, depend on the state I’m in.

Some masks will be embedded into people's inner world after a long time, and finally, shape a certain personality. I don't want to wear the mask for a long time, but I want to constantly change myself, and I don't want to be imprisoned by a certain condition. I make a new mask every day based on my mood, numbing myself, compiling myself, expressing myself, and being intoxicated unconsciously. Mask-making and wearing them is a way for me to create social relations with the world.