Huiyun Chen (Jes)

"Another Explanation of the Universe"

Section MS3, Ariel Caine

Keywords: digital environment

Why do people in a different part of the world have the same belief, the spirit? When culture comes, the spirit appears as well; sometimes, it also promotes humans' development. Many modern researchers are still analysing Srinivasa Ramanujan, a Mathematician, to analyse the formulas he wrote down. A researcher named Ono said his team found out that one of Ramanujan's formulas can uncover some secrets of the black hole, but back to the 1920s, no one talked about the black hole at that time, even Ramanujan himself. Ramanujan openly stated that he received the mathematical inspiration and sometimes whole formulas by contacting the Hindu Goddess Namagiri while dreaming. He also believed that zero represented Absolute Reality, and that infinity represented the many manifestations of that Reality. This theory might relate to Elon Musk, the whole world is virtual, or many manifestations of the Reality.

We have multiple versions of Virtual Reality; it might be right that we have various versions of Reality as well. Further, we may be virtual and be created by Reality, the universe itself. It has no definition coming out from me now, and might not in the future. While this video is not for telling the truth, it is a theory from my understanding of the universe.