The starting point of the project is a small wood carving, which reminds me of the wood carving art in my hometown. It’s widely seen in architectural decorations throughout of the area. In addition to architectural decorations, sophisticated woodcarving craftsmanship is also applied to ritual vessels and furniture, and it is thus firmly interwoven in everyday lives of people.

This handicraft has rich culture forms, containing distinctive architectural thoughts, reflecting the living customs, social forms, and religious beliefs of local people. Reflects the harmonious relationship between human and nature. As a distinctive cultural form, traditional wood carving are non-renewable resources.

Investigate one of the local alleys and use video to record the local people's attitudes towards traditional architecture. Interviewed the local studio that is still inheriting traditional wood carvings, and exchanged views with carpenters about the current situation of traditional wood carvings in this area. Use the combination of still image and dynamic image to explain the meaning of wood carving made by people in the past.

I surveyed one of the alleys and found that most of the residents who still live in this traditional house have renovated or expanded the original building, the doors and windows have also been replaced with modern styles and more durable materials, such as aluminum alloy. Many villagers have migrated to other cities, so some of the existing buildings are uninhabited. These phenomena show that the local people ignore traditional architecture and art.

The workshop that I interviewed is the only workshop in this village that makes traditional wood carvings. The carpenter introduced to me that he is the third generation of his family to inherit this traditional woodcarving. His children have gone to college, but they did not learn this craft. Due to the difficulty of carving, fewer and fewer young people are willing to learn and inherit this traditional handicraft. This traditional handicraft may disappear in the near future.

In this workshop, part of the wood carving will be directly carved by CNC, which greatly improves the efficiency of the carpenter’s work, but compared to the hand-carved work, it loses a carpenter’s understanding of this work of art.